1st: Bath, condition, and put the dog in a light oil then get your wraps ready.  Pull out as many as you think you will need and add a few more just to be safe, as there is nothing worse than having the hair ready to wrap and not having your wrapping paper ready. 
To fold your papers, take one out and fold the top over about 1/2 inch down folding it backwards.  Then fold into 3 equal folds by folding the right side inward.  Fold the left side all the way to the edge, making one panel that you will place the hair into.  Now it's time to fold upwards.  Fold the entire panel up to the top but not all the way up....just below the top....then fold up again to meet the other fold....now band.  The reason you fold the top backwards is so that the hair doesn't lay next to a sharp edge, as well as when you fold upwards you don't want the bottom of the wraps to have a sharp edge at the top. 

*Never have the hair longer than the wrapping paper, and keep the hair as straight as possible inside the paper.  Keep all the hair in the counter panel.
There are many papers to use.  Some paper, some plastic, Save-a-Wraps, hilite papers, etc.  You can also buy them from the vendors at Conformation Shows or from supply catalogs in matching colors and matching bands.  You just have to choose what is easiest for you and what works best for you.

Wrap 1: From the side profile, part the dogs hair down the back but not precisely in the middle.  It should be a little to the left or right so that if you have any broken hairs, they won't show when you part the dog correctly for the show.  Section the hair along the side, visually, into three sections.  The back one comb straight down and wrap.  Go to the center, then the front and do the same.  Change sides and do the same to the other side equally.
Wrap 2: Go to the back legs and put one wrap, using the hair that is hanging, and wrap it using a smaller sheet.  If you have to cut it to fit the hair length, do so.  This hair is much smaller.  Do not try to get the hair on the foot wrapped.  Do both back legs equally.
To the hair under the tail, use a long wrapper and wrap it the same way as each of the side panels.  Now all that is left is the head, chest, and neck areas.
Wrap 3: The head:  Section out the top knot, but don't band it.  Using your wrapper, wrap it downward then put your band around to hold the wrapper.  Go to the muzzle, depending on the amount of hair I band each side of the muzzle but I part the hair about half way under the eye and straight back to the corner of the lips.  Now both sides of the muzzle are wrapped.  Go from the part under the eye and go backwards just under the ear and wrap.  Now all that's left is the chest hair, and that is depending on the amount of hair needing that should go up in a wrapper.
 Wrap 4:  Tail:  I personally don't wrap the tail but I do use vet wrap at the base of the tail just to make sure the hair is straight and that the hair isn't twisted as you take it around the base of the tail.  The vet wrap is about 2 inches wide.  That's all that is wrapped  the rest of the tail is free.  For me, the wagging tail with a wrapper will break hair.
 Wrap 5: Ears:  Again, I don't wrap the ears.  They are free but these areas are checked every day.

These are the basics for wrapping a dog in good coat.  You may need more in certain spots if the dog is really in full full coat.  The main thing to do for maintenance is to check your wraps often,  At least once a day and if any don't look good to you, take it down, comb, then wrap it again.....and wrap and unwrap every day, that way I know if there is a problem.

Written by:  Mark C. Chilcutt

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