Top Knots 

When you are putting up Top Knots, make sure you have all your tools handy, your combs, bands, bows, sprays, gels etc.

 1)             Put dog on table, make him lay down with his head facing you.  Now is the time when pillow training comes in very handy.  The dog should know to lay its head on the pillow
                ready for you to do your work

 2)           Using a plastic bone comb I start parting the head from the corner of the eye going back about of an inch, back towards the ears at a slight angle inward not straight back. 
                Do this on both sides then bring your back part straight across.  This is the amount of hair your TOP KNOT will contain.  Split it in exactly two (2) sections, down the middle
                of the head, from  the front to the back of the head.

 3)           Take one section and with a teasing comb tease it down to create a base to hold the TOP KNOT,  using your fingers to hold the hair. With the rat tail end of the teasing comb
                 pull the teased hair towards the front and to the sides to create your poof.  When you are satisfied, place your band in.

Now, do the same to the hair on the other side.  When both sides are banded, use gel or hairspray and smooth each side out, bringing any loose hairs into place. 

4)           Using your wrapping papers or mesh end wraps fold in half or thirds whichever is easiest.  Take the ponytail, put in into the paper and fold it over in half and band it. 

 5)           Do the same to the other TOP KNOT. 

6)           Trick to bring them together.  Before you put the paper in, take a few hairs from the Pony Tail and leave them out.  Put the paper in the TOP KNOT.  One side is now done. 
Take the other TOP KNOT and take the hairs you left out from the first one and pull them into the Top Knot you are working on.  Now put your paper in and it will bring them

 7)          Put your bows in.

 8)         Just finish with spray or gel to smooth out the finished TOP KNOTS.

Written by Mark C. Chilcutt

Here are some pictures of making two top knots, American Style: Click the picture to see a larger view.  Thanks to Sharon & Jeff Rainey for the pictures demonstrating topknots and Ch. Angels Vision of Khanthav for being such a wonderful model.

Here are some pictures of making one top knots, European Style: Click the picture to see a larger view.

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