My name is Frank L. Larrieu, but my friends call me Frankie and our Dog Show career began when we bought a Show Yorkie Puppy about 15 years ago and although we had him out for over a year with an excellent handler, Quincy never got one single point.  Lots of reserve ribbons but never a point!!!!

However, it did not discourage us.  As soon as we made up our mind which line we wanted to go into, we bought a Yorkie bitch from a reputable breeder in the Seattle area and never looked back.

Our handler at that time and a very dear friend now, was a Maltese breeder and I always loved her white critters.  Finally the opportunity came up to co-own a beautiful Maltese bred by Glynnette Cass and finish him.  Then there was Lexus, another Wesglyn offspring.  As a puppy from the 6-9 puppy class while living in Las Vegas I, moi, showing the critter, got a four point major from a very well known and respected judge.  The judge told me when she handed me the ribbon that “In spite of my handling, the dog was very deserving”.  Lexus, of course finished and we all had a great time with him.

About three or four years ago, a friend from Venezuela asked me to look for a Maltese puppy dog while I was visiting Miami.  Contacted a local breeder and when she brought me Dennis, only three months old at the time, I knew my friend in Venezuela had to find himself another dog. Dennis was home !!!! We took Mistwood ‘s Dennis the Menace to Caracas and from his first shows, from the 6-9 Puppy Class, the judges awarded him Group Placements, winning over fully coated Specials.  His movement plus his silky coat and many other qualities made him a standout.  As he got older Dennis made us all very proud.  He won several BIS’s in Venezuela, RBIS Junior at the World Show in Mexico, plus many other rewards.

I now own and co-own several beautiful Maltese with great friends.  Our Motto is having a Good Time !!!!!!!!  The day we stop enjoying ourselves showing our dogs, is the day all the dogs will get a haircut and sleep in our beds.

Bonnie Palmer and her Angel Maltese has brought us to a level of quality, type, structure and overall beauty we never imagined!

Our first dog, Angels Risque Desperado (Antonio) finished his AKC championship at 10 months old and a few weeks later received a BIS in Venezuela !!

My partner Mark Chilcutt and our dear friend and partner, Rosario Pecchio, along with Bonnie and the rest of our friends have made our Dog World a wonderful place to enjoy and relax, but most of all to have lots of fun whether we win, lose or draw.  Of course winning helps a lot!!!! Whether it is Yorkies or Maltese, it is always much more fun when you win !!!!

Ch. Mistwood ‘s Dennis the Menace (Dennis)

Ch Wesglyn Relentless Pursuit (Lexus)

Ch. Angels Risque Desperado (Antonio)

Angels Rich and Famous (Melissa)

Angels Whirlwinds Triple Crown (Polar)

Angels Validian Raising Spirit(Blister)  

Angels Cindi Lou Who (Cindi)

Bonnie Palmer
Palm Beach Garden, Florida

Member of:

American Maltese Association

 Maltese Club of Greater Miami

Evergreen Maltese Club

American Maltese Association Top Breeder of the Year:
1999 & 2000 & 2001

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