My name is Hiroyuki Kito and when I was a child, my family loved dogs and we always had about 10 dogs at home. I grew up with dogs to become a dog lover. When I had my first Maltese in 1975, I was captivated by the loveliness of a Maltese.

     My dream used to be to sail around the world with my Maltese in a yacht after I retired, but now it has changed to breeding Maltese. My ideal Maltese would look as if an angel landed on the ground, with a silky coat, nice pigment on eyes and nose, a cute face with big eyes and a short muzzle, weighing about 5 pounds.

     I tried to breed my "Dream Maltese" with advice from many people who work on Maltese, however, my efforts didn't bring good results. I struggled everyday to find the way to make my dream come true. It was timely and accidentally that I saw the websites of Marcris Maltese and Angel Maltese where I found the Maltese I had been dreaming of already existed.

     I immediately subscribed to Maltese Magazine, and I devoted myself to reading articles especially on Marcris and Angel. I really wanted to contact them but I couldn't for a long time, because like many Japanese people I could read and understand English, but I couldn't write or speak in English.

     At that time, I became acquainted with Mrs. Danjo, who used to live in Los Angeles and assisted me in writing letters to contact Mrs. Joyce Watkins and Ms. Bonnie Palmer. It took about 4 years to become an owner of 4 beautiful Angel Maltese that were born at Bonnie's -- Tray, Alex, Tabby and Megan .

 Ch. Angels Betrayal  (Tray)
Angels Windstar's Spring Mist (Megan)
Ch. Angels Daily Double (Alex)
Angels Fantasy LiL' Bit Bewitched (Tabby)

     These 2 males and 2 females will provide a new foundation to breed my
"Dream Maltese," together with the 15 Maltese that I already have at home.

     I want to express my deep gratitude to Mrs. Joyce Watkins who gave me a big chance to have angels, Ms. Bonnie Palmer who trusted her wonderful angels to me and Mr. & Mrs. Danjo who assisted me in translation.

Ch. Angels Risque' Betrayal (Tray)

Ch. Angels Risque' Betrayal (Tray)

Ch. Angels Daily Double (Alex)


This is Ch. Angels Risque' Dreamer
His owner, Genju Ozeki,  is from Tokyo, Japan

 Member of:

American Maltese Association

 Maltese Club of Greater Miami

Evergreen Maltese Club

American Maltese Association Top Breeder of the Year
1999 & 2000 & 2001

Bonnie Palmer
Palm Beach Garden, Florida

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