It all started approximately twenty three years ago when I was watching TV, everyone who has dogs ( even some who don't) watch Crufts. While watching the toy group I saw a Maltese in the "Big Ring" and thought, what a beautiful dog.  Someday I will be there in that "Big Ring" at the worlds most famous show with a Maltese.  A bit odd since I didn't have a Maltese, and I was showing Yorkies at that time!   We have had Maltese ever since. Totally smitten with them, we decided to import and the result was two wonderful, gorgeous, outgoing and very lovable "ANGELS" from our very dear friend Bonnie whose love for the breed is as great as our own. Both boys have far exceeded our expectations in the ring. Since getting out of quarantine, both having many BOB, & Group wins with "Angels Vision For Khanthav" winning three Best in Show and finishing TOP TOY in Ireland, BUT....... the BEST was yet to come.  We had been to Crufts before ( I love the shopping ) but this time it was not a shopping spree we were there to show our Angels. My husband Jeffrey showing "Angels Sparkle at Khanthav" and myself showing "Angels Vision For Khanthav". The competition was tough with dogs from several countries. Vision won Open Dog taking the dog Challenge Certificate with Sparkle third, Vision then went on to take Best of Breed, and then it suddenly dawned on me,  both Vision and I were going to be in the        "Big Ring" at Crufts and on TV.  Vision showed his little heart out, but he was short listed in the group.  Jeffrey and I were so proud of him as he went around that Big Ring as if he owned it !  
Bonnie, I have shed many tears since they have arrived
 but always tears of joy and we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Thank you for letting us bring two of your beautiful Angels to Ireland and for making my dream come true to show in that famous "Big Ring at Crufts" !!!      

Sharon & Jeffrey


Our two "Angels" have brought such joy to our lives. 
They are:   Angels Vision For Khanthav (Vision) pictured to the right
and Angels Sparkle At Khanthav (Sparkle) below Vision.  

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At this time Vision has attended  approximately 16 shows, taking Best of Breed at them all, with the exception of two,  and then only to be beaten by Sparkle.   Vision has won Three Best in Shows,  Three Groups, Three Group Twos, and One Group Four.   He has his Forty points plus Two Majors , but he also needs two more Majors before he is an Irish Champion, hopefully he will make it this summer!  He also has Three CACIB 's, one more CACIB and he is an International Champion.    Vision was TOP TOY 2001 in Ireland....

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Sparkle is very well handled by my husband, Jeffrey, for me, Sparkle has always been second to Vision except for Two Group one, Two Group Two, One Group Three, he got third in Open Dog at Crufts!                     

We have had dogs for at least 26 yrs, we both love all animals.  We have successfully completed the Rules Regulations & Conformation and movement requirements laid down by The English Kennel Club for future judges.   I have  studied and passed The General Certificate of Canine Studies with a very high mark  under Mr. D Cavill MCCEd  and I'm also an Associate Member of the Animal Care College.

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I'm also an artist and love painting all animals, dogs being my favorite subject.
The picture to the right is one of my paintings.


Vision with his Crufts ribbons.


Vision, Sharon, & Horse

Vision & Jeffrey


  Member of:

American Maltese Association

 Maltese Club of Greater Miami

Evergreen Maltese Club

American Maltese Association Top Breeder of the Year
1999 & 2000 & 2001

Bonnie Palmer
Palm Beach Garden, Florida

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