"Champion Angels Addicted to Love"


1  Ch. Angels Risque' Expose' 2  Ch. Deonies Risque' Kialoveland 3  Ch. Angels Risque Barbarella Rebel    4  Ch. Angels Risque' Fantasy

5  Ch. Deonies Risque' Excaliber 6  Ch. Angels Risque' Jade 7  Ch. Marcris Risque' Rapture 8  Ch. Marcris Victoria's Secret
9  Ch. Marcris Tender Passion 10  Ch. Marcris Risque' Angel Face 11  Ch. Marcris Divine Proposal 12  Ch. Marcris Risque' Striptease
13  Ch. Angels Risque' Cupid 14  Ch. Marcris Angels Risque' Snowfire   15  Ch. Richelieu Risque' Hot Stuff 16  Ch. Richelieu's Summer Sensation
17  Ch. Richelieu's Hot Desire 18  Ch. Richelieu's Some Hot Number   19  Ch. Angels China Spirit in the Sky 20  Ch. Angels Risque' Tempted Temptress
21  Ch. Angels Risque' Summer 22  Ch. Marcris Tender Rhapsody 23  Ch. Angels Risque' Flirtation 24  Ch. Angels Risque' Sophisticate
25  Ch. Angels Risque' Indecent Angel 26   Ch. Angels Blissful Coquet 27  Ch. Angels Diamonds Are Forever 28  Ch. Angels Risque' Xclusive Image
29  Ch. Marcris Risque' Radiance 30  Ch. Angels Risque' Dreamer 31  Ch. Angels Risque' Double Exposure 32  Ch. Angels Risque' N A Nik of Time
33  Ch. Angels Risque' Takeit To The Limit 34  Ch. Angels Summer Shimmer 35  Ch. Angels Risque' Desperado 36  Ch. Angels Hot Reflection
37  Ch. Angels Hot Challenge 38  Ch. Marcris Angels Risque' Conquest 39  Sticklee's Sweet Revenge ROM 40  Ch. Angels Risque' Dreams Do Come True
41  Ch. Angels Risque' Affair 42  Ch. Angels Veranda High Style Fashion 43  Ch. Angels Risque' Double Jeopardy 44  Ch. Angels Risque' Just In Your Dreams
45  Ch. Angels Fantasy Dream Come True 46  Ch. Luvsong's  Risque' Angel 47  Ch. Angels Marcris Omen's Michelle 48  Ch. Petite Super Deluxe
49  Ch. Marcris Rumor's She's A Pushover 50  Ch. Angels Sweet N Tender 51  Ch. Angels Sharper Image 52  Ch. Angels Risque' Lethal Weapon
53  Ch. Angels Risque' Shimmering Rose 54  Ch. Angels Risque' Spirit Winds Dove 55   Irish Ch. Angels Vision For Khanthav 56  Ch. Angels Risque Major Attraction
57  Ch. Angels Class Clown 58  Ch. Angels Enchanted True Love 59  Angels Sparkle At Khanthav 60  Ch. Angels Risque' Betrayal
  62 Ch. Angels Risque' Dreamweaver 63 Ch. Angels Risque' Mon Tresor 64 Ch. Angels Risque' Always in Motion
65 Ch. Angels Daily Double 66 Ch. Angels Whirlwinds Triple Crown 67 Angels Rich and Famous 68 Angels Validian Raising Spirit
69 Angels Cindi Lou Who 70 Angels Jeopardy's Perfecta    

      Member of:

American Maltese Association

 Maltese Club of Greater Miami

Evergreen Maltese Club

American Maltese Association Top Breeder of the Year
1999 & 2000 & 2001

Bonnie Palmer
Palm Beach Garden, Florida

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